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Procrastination is never good see reasons why

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Procrastination is never good see reasons why

1) Waste of ideas: Procrastination can lead to waste of productive ideas,Lots of productive ideas have been destroyed by procrastination as people often push great ideas aside that could have been very productive due to laziness,lack of motivation and fear.Everything begins with a risk that's why there is a saying no risk no reward.Never procrastinate and challenge your new ideas today put them into action you never know how far it can go.


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2) Escalation of issues: when you procrastinate you escalate easy to resolve issues to more complicated problems for example if you notice a problem that could have been been resolved with 5 dollars if you don't spend 5 dollars at the moment to fix it and keep managing it at the end of the end you might spend 150 dollars to fix it because the 5 dollar problem has escalated to a more complicated problem.


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3)Bad Habit: it is simply a bad habit,Procrastination is not a good habit because with this you keep missing out on valuable opportunity wasting ideas and escalating problems.This is very bad as it leads to your loss both ways to live a very productive life one has to get rid of the habit of procrastination and never procrastinate take actions as soon as possible and resolve problems as soon as they occur that way you will be more productive and enjoy a life of reward and less problems.

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