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6 Practical steps to financial freedom


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To be a millionaire takes a lot of commitment and this include changing your daily habits to focus on ways to achieve your goals by setting small task and achieving them daily.i have put together five steps below which i believe will work.


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Step 1: Savings: you must have a good saving habit and this can be achieved by saving a percentage of your income because this is the first step to financial freedom, Life is not about working daily and paying bills but working daily and having things and achievements to show for it.if you earn a 1000 pounds monthly at least save 10 percent of that income monthly.


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Step 2: Investments: Educate yourself with knowledge by investing time to learn new ideas about businesses where you can excel which are in line with personal interests like me i learnt about Forex trading , some people buy and sell things online by creating online stores and this can be done with free digital service like big cartel.

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Step 3: Take stock: You need to have definite knowledge of your income and expenditures and know the exact amount of money you are making and the exact amount you are saving,spending and investing. You have to take stock of your profit from investments and also the amount you put in regularly in the must have definite knowledge of the all expenditures both personal and business and have a fixed savings from profits and your income.

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Step 4: Generate and save: You must have a fixed amount you must save from your income and also from your profits together which you will use as a source of motivation to keep the focus and process alive its a good feeling to see 700 to a 1000 generated monthly after all bills and living expenses are out of the way and its great to know that you can do that again the next month.

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Step 5: Friends and family: You should have a good knowledge of human psychology so you can identity and keep healthy friends and relationships that will motivate you towards your goals avoid negative vibes and toxic relationships so you can stay focus and keep your mind well in control because unhealthy friends/relationships is not worth your time and you know time is money if you are not spending it wisely you are wasting it.

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Step 6: Celebrate: Celebrate your successes if you have a successful week,month or year make sure you plan a trip or a nice vacation to spoil yourself as this strengthen your motivation especially where you stay in a five star hotel and see other successful motivated individuals you will love to do this again trust stay focus in your path to a great rewarding financial freedom

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